Social Media Marketing – Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Marketing – Facebook and Instagram

Well before Social Media marketing was based on getting the maximum from Facebook and Instagram for business, Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web. Even back then the platform was dedicated to storing information so it could be retrieved via a URL. And while originally “the first trials of the World Wide Web were at the CERN laboratories, in December 1990” it was evident there was a strong kernel of Social Media inherent within. As scientists and others began to store their documents on the ‘Net they also were sharing them with others.

Most scientists clearly aren’t marketers, but they did have to learn using the more primitive technology available how to do the many tasks that today’s users on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are doing everyday. Creating content, uploading it for storage, and sharing it with others. Zoella and the other YouTube millionaires are the best at this process even if you do call into question the importance of what they are posting.

Over time our capability to complete these steps has grown exponentially and simplified. Thanks to Smartphones we’re able to do this in an instant. Recall, how quickly the Arab Spring was transferred to a global audience and that was mainly through Twitter.

The two Social Media marketing channels we now most often hear about are Facebook and Instagram and there’s a clear reason for these two being always top of mind. Ease of use is one major reason, but let’s look a little deeper into that – and explore why back in April 2012 Mark Zuckerberg paid $1 billion to purchase an App which at the time had only 13 employees.

If you’ve been following digital trends for the last 8-12 years it’s been very apparent three items stand out – Social, Mobile and Local. These three have been the focus of analysts and pundits for sometime and it even has its own moniker – SoLoMo (like most things digital no one has the time to fully enunciate).

While Facebook has done well in the Social space in 2013 it still hadn’t mastered Local or Mobile. Enter Instagram – an elegant, simple platform which strips things down to:
1. Select an image or video to upload
2. Tag your location if you want to
3. Share

And the only way you can really interact fully through Instagram is using a mobile phone. In an instant (pardon the pun) you’ve shared valuable information – an interest/affinity, social contacts and a location. Do you see the advertising value in that? Mark Zuckerberg sure did!

Hopefully, this short read gives you reason to start thinking more about your use of Instagram for Business. If you’d like to learn more download our free guide or contact us. We’re always here to help