Shrinking Attention – How to Connect with Your Customers

Shrinking Attention – How to Connect with Your Customers

Research showcase: What do we do about people’s shrinking attention span?

It’s pretty obvious people have less time and our patience is getting more limited. We want results & information NOW! And our smartphones and technology must give it in a timely manner.

Plenty of research points how if a website doesn’t load fast people will jump off – a lost customer & opportunity.

So what can we do today? Especially with Humans now having less focus than a Goldfish!

Human vs Goldfish attention span research

While these articles we’ve curated don’t have all the answers reading through them will give you a good idea for how you can best connect with customers & their impatient concentration.

We’re not saying the world is shifting to having more Attend Deficit Disorder (ADD), but obviously people don’t have time. Thanks to our working with Goldfish Ads we’ve got a unique service to offer. Trust after you learn more from the research below you’ll get in touch

And if you don’t have time to read through these stay tuned for our summary…We’ll soon be saving you time too!