Digital Marketing Services

We work hard to do 3 things very well – Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media and Get more Website Traffic

At the same time, we know it can seem complicated so we keep it simple. Thus, our mantra:

Connect. Grow. Simplify

​Marketing Strategy

A lot of companies forget what it takes to differentiate themselves from a crowded and competitive market. Our team takes time to learn what your true business goals are and returns with a roadmap you can immediately use.

We are experienced, passionate about helping small business not stress over marketing and dedicated to achieving you profitable results.

Our services typically start with two 1 hour meetings:

  1. learning about your company, its history and goals. During this time we discuss SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats), measures of success and your marketing budgets. 10 days later we meet again for an hour to…
  2. review the suggestions we’ve built into a plan bespoke to your business. In 2 hours you have a new way to deal with your digital marketing!

These two hours concentrate on your website + either your Facebook or AdWords account, we do offer many other services. Please see our testimonials to learn what’s worked with others

Social Media

From Social Media Training, Facebook Advertising, Instagram for Business, Twitter and even YouTube Video Marketing strategy this is the most exciting part of our jobs. Social is the way the world interacts with friends & family, and it’s taken over how companies need to engage their customers. Heck, it even helps win elections…but we won’t go into that.

Our belief is when you Simplify your Digital Marketing, Social Media is the best place to start. Most business owners chase what big brands are doing and mistakenly think they have to be on EVERY channel. That’s not true and you can make BIG impacts to your bottomline by mastering only 1 or 2! 

Facebook and Instagram are the main players and we can help you quickly build an effective programme. Our goal is to have within 3 months made an obvious business result for your Social Media. We know you won’t be satisfied with just building an audience, following the right accounts and connecting with influencers. Come work with us and see how images and especially video used Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can increase your revenue

Get More Website Traffic

There’s many agencies and consultants around trying to help people get more traffic. So, what makes us different?

It starts with listening – to you!

Sure, we know digital marketing and what can best be used to get people to your website. Mix in our experience, passion and dedication and there’s plenty we can offer (see the list below). However, we also know you don’t need everything that’s digital and together we determine how your Business and Sales goals match our digital strategies and tactics.

We would love to work with you and look forward to scheduling the first meeting.
When shall we begin?

List of Services


Social SearchCreative
Social Media TrainingGoogle AdWords
Campaign Management
Website Creation / Web Design
Facebook AdvertisingAdWords AuditDisplay Banner creation
YouTube AdvertisingLocal Search Optimisation (Google Maps, Local Directories)Video Content / Vlogging
Instagram for BusinessWebsite SEO optimisationCopywriting / Blogging
Social Media Content CalendarContent MarketingCreative Review and Idea Generation
Social Media AuditSEO Link BuilingApp Design, Build and Marketing